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African American California Community College Trustees (AACCCT)

AACCCT represents African and African American populations at California's community colleges. For more information about this caucus, read AACCCT Caucus Dues Letter.

The elected officers for AACCCT include:

  • Chair: Barry A. Snell, Trustee, Santa Monica CCD
  • Vice-Chair: Rosalyn Green, Trustee, Monterey Peninsula CCD
  • Treasurer: TBU
  • Secretary: Barbara Calhoun, Trustee, Compton CCD
  • Student Trustee: Johnny Wallace Jr., Cerritos CCD

Agenda  2021 Nov 16

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    Asian American Pacific Islander Trustees & Administrators Caucus (AAPITA)

    AAPITA is a coalition of California Asian American Pacific Islander Community College Trustees and Administrators that serve to enhance educational opportunities for AAPI community college students and professional development opportunities for AAPI administrators. For more information, visit their website.

    The elected officers for AAPITA include:

    • President: Sue Chan, Trustee, Ohlone CCD
    • Vice President: Whitney Yamamura, Ed.D, Chancellor, Coast CCD
    • Treasurer: Trisha Murakawa, Trustee, El Camino CCD
    • Secretary: Andy Li, Trustee, Contra Costa CCD
    • Membership: Hal Gin, Ed.D, Trustee, Chabot-Las Positas CCD
    • Board Member: Rowena M. Tomaneng, Ed.D, President, San Jose City College

    Agenda  2022 Jan 31     Apr 29 (Proposed Bylaws Changes)    Nov 21     2021 Nov 19

    Minutes  2022  Nov 21     Jan 31    2020  Jan 26

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    California Association of Latino Community College Trustees and Administrators (CALCCTA)

    CALCCTA represents Latino populations at California's community colleges. The elected officers for CALCCTA include:

    • President: Jose Fierro, President/Superintendent, Cerritos CCD
    • Vice President: Martha Garcia, incoming Superintendent/President, Desert CCD
    • Past President: Janet Rivera, Trustee, San Joaquin Delta CCD
    • Executive Director: John E. Arriaga, President, JEA & Associates
    • Treasurer: Mark Evilsizer, Trustee, Palomar CCD (ACES Member)
    • At-Large Member: Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Trustee, Kern CCD
    • At-Large Member: Francisco Rodriguez, Chancellor, Los Angeles CCD
    • At-Large Member: Mariana Pacheco, Trustee, Cerritos CCD

    Meeting Recordings  2021  Nov 18

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    California Community Colleges Veterans Caucus (CCCVC)

    CCCVC represents our military veterans at California's community colleges. The elected officers for the Veterans Caucus include:

    • Trustee Co-Chair: William (Bill) Withrow, Trustee, Peralta CCD
    • Alternate Trustee Co-Chair: Larry Kennedy, Trustee, Ventura County CCD
    • CEO Co-Chair: Jannett Jackson, Interim Chancellor, Peralta CCD
    • Alternate CEO Co-Chair: Vacant
    • Secretary and Treasurer: Obianuju Nzewi, Paralegal, Garcia Hernández Sawhney, LLP
    • Operations Representative: Nancy Montgomery, Assistant Dean of Health, Wellness and Veterans Services, Irvine Valley College

    Resources  New Barriers for California Student Veterans

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    Minutes  2020  Jan 26   Nov 18    2019  Nov 22

    Meeting Recordings  2021 Jan 26

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    California Community College Women's Caucus (CCCWC)

    The CCCWC advocates for change and policies that will advance opportunities and achieve equity for women across California Community Colleges.  The CCCWC commits to:

    • Recognizing women's contributions
    • Supporting leadership development
    • Advancing career opportunities and pay equity
    • Expanding the pipeline for tomorrow's leaders

    The elected officers for the Women's Caucus include:

    • Co-chair: Andra Hoffman, Trustee, Los Angeles CCD
    • Co-chair: Sonya Christian, Chancellor, Kern CCD
    • Vice-Chair: Sharoni Little, Trustee, Compton CCD
    • Treasurer: Sally Biggin, Trustee, Redwoods CCD
    • Secretary: Anne Viricel, Trustee, San Bernardino CCD
    • Director at Large: Diana Rodriguez, Chancellor, San Bernardino CCD
    • Director at Large: Rowena Tomaneng, President, San Jose City College

    Click here to visit CCCWC's official site.

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    Central Valley Community College CEO Caucus (CVCCCC)

    CVCCCC represents the Central Valley CEOs at California's community colleges. Chris Vitelli, Superintendent/President of Merced College, is the chair of the Caucus. More information to follow.

    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+) Caucus

    The LGBTQ+ Caucus represents Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer members at California's community colleges. For the Caucus' bylaws, please click here.  The elected executive officers for the LGBTQ+ Caucus include:

    • Co-chair: John C. Hernandez, President, Irvine Valley College
    • Co-chair: Wanden Treanor, Trustee, Marin CCD
    • Vice-Chair: Julius Sokenu, President, Moorpark College
    • Treasurer: Erika Endrijonas, Superintendent /President, Pasadena Area CCD
    • Secretary: Sean Hancock, President, Cerro Coso Community College
    • At Large: Erik Fallis, Director of Public Affairs and Marketing, Coast CCD
    • At Large: Adam Spickler, Trustee, Cabrillo CCD

    Meeting Recordings  2022 Jun 1

      1) How is your institution celebrating Pride month?  
      2) How can we as higher education leaders, address the increasingly hostile environment towards LGBTQ+ people, in particular transgender students?

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