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“Community college boards ensure the wise and prudent delivery of education, a critical local and state resource, on behalf of the people in their communities. They are guardians of and stewards for the public’s interests. Trustees, as members of boards, ensure that the community college district fulfills its responsibility to lead and serve its ever-changing communities.”
– CCLC, Trustee Handbook, p.22, Rev. 2022

The program covers nine (9) areas of competencies with subtopics to complete the knowledge and skills learning to support strong leadership. Participants earn units by completing training in each of the nine (9) competencies which define the roles and responsibilities of governance boards and provide tools that keep efforts focused on student learning. You can obtain the training through League events, local board training, and national association conferences and webinars. Whatever venue you select, you are sure to get the most current and up-to-date governance information available.

A certificate of participation in governance leadership from the League can be earned with the completion of the Excellence in Trusteeship Program. Participants must complete the program within 24 months of the start date.

Program requirements

  • Enroll in the program;
  • In 24 months complete a minimum of three (3) units per competency, one (1) each of Brown Act and Ethics training plus four (4) units in competencies of choice (27 units total) and;
  • Submit a completed Track Your Progress form for review.

Upon verification of program completion, participants receive a Certificate of Participation.

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