Wednesday, July 12, 2023

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Community College League of California Praises Governor and Legislature for Prioritizing Community Colleges Amidst Revenue Shortfall; Urges Attention to Student Housing

Larry Galizio, Ph.D., President & CEO of the Community College League of California, praised Governor Newsom and the Legislature for their considerable support of California Community Colleges in the California Budget amidst a significant revenue shortfall of over $31 billion.

Specifically, the Budget Act of 2023 as enacted in SB 101, along with the “Budget Bill Junior,” AB 102, and SB 117, the higher education trailer bill provides community colleges with:

  • 8.22 percent COLA for base apportionment and select categorical programs
  • $60 million annually from 2024–25 to 2028–29 to expand nursing programs
  • Increased flexibility to locally determine priorities between Deferred Maintenance, COVID-19 Recovery, and Student Enrollment and Retention

“Any time the state faces economic difficulty, budget determinations become tougher with increased layers of legislative scrutiny in spending decisions,” noted Galizio. “That said, California Community Colleges have once again proven their importance to local communities and the overall economy, which is reflected in the state’s financial investment in their future. Our colleges, which are based in principles of equity and open access, are leading innovators in transforming student lives, and by extension, their families, and communities.”

Galizio underscored the budget’s supports of community-based education and impact.

“By allowing our districts to maintain cost of living expenses amidst high inflation, along with increased investment in workforce education, and new opportunities to locally determine spending priorities, this budget delivers a clear statement in support of our colleges,” he said.

Responding to the budgetary shift in funding for community college student housing from grants to bonds, Galizio emphasized that this is part of an ongoing challenge to address the severe crisis of homelessness and housing insecurity on the part of community college students. He pledged the League’s assistance in efforts to assure that districts are not confronted with additional costs in housing projects and urged lawmakers to redouble their efforts in this arena in the years ahead.


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