Monday, December 3, 2018

New Legislation to Expand Dual Enrollment Opportunities for California’s Students

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Community College League of California (League) released the following statement on Assembly Bill 30 by Assemblymember Chris Holden:
“In 2015, California’s Legislature and Governor removed barriers to dual enrollment access by adopting the College and Career Access Pathways Act, (AB 288) by Assemblymember Holden, which has increased opportunities for underserved students to attend college.
On Monday, December 3rd, Assemblymember Chris Holden introduced Assembly Bill 30 (AB 30) which ensures that access to early college opportunities 
remain available to all California students by preventing key statutes from sunsetting. AB 30 recognizes the importance of enabling innovative partnerships between K-12 districts and community colleges so that college access is ubiquitous and not exclusive. More importantly, AB 30 is a bold step towards eliminating opportunity gaps for students underrepresented in higher education.
The League looks forward to partnering with Assemblymember Holden, community colleges, and education leaders throughout the state to support AB 30.”